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Kamau sealed off the men Next, he got Kate up against the wall, made her pull her own panties down and then gave her a good fucking. He was mortified and hated the fact that the black waiter was witnessing his shame.

Men wanting to use the restroom heard him putting it to her hard. Harry worked on a third drink to ease his discomfort. It was obvious to him, at that point, that Munyambu really enjoyed humiliating him. Kamau went on to act in a way which established his domination of Kate and with every new indignity, Harry felt like he was being swept along in a wide, fast, muddy river. Munyambu had him, and now his wife caught like flies in a web.

When Kamau gave the signal, he turned the nozzle and began spraying Harry from his shoulders to his knees.

Although it was a hot day in this part of the building, the water was very cold and as the black cop concentrated on his buttocks, groin, armpits and torso, Harry began groaning.

This was known as sending the victim to the North Pole.

Harry alternately gasped and groaned as he was hosed down. It was innocent looking but a fearsome tool with a blue plastic handle, a 30 centimeter flexible shaft ending in a red plastic probe topped with two 1 centimeter aluminum prods. It was one where the signposts were strange and his own responses were not certain. Over the next few days, Harry began to try and think things through.

The Chief Inspector explained that Harry had paid part of the bill. He told her that she was to make herself available for his use. The Inspector made no secret of the fact that black men would be enjoying her hospitality. Here was this man telling her that she would be sexually abused and there was nothing that either of them could do about it. Everyone knew how corrupt the police were and a Chief Inspector was fairly high up in the food chain. She had hoped that his recent arrest was a thing of the past, but now it was all out in the open and she was going to be made to suffer the consequences.In 2007 an English family was enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector. He was a member of the Luo tribe, whose males were not circumcised when they became teens, unlike the Kikuyu who practiced circumcision.They were always shaking someone down and making them pay. Munyambu was a devotee of Jamhuri, a shadowy figure in the early years of the African Nationalist movement who taught that Africa would become the dominant political arena in the 21Munyambu liked to think that his hobby of shaking down whites was his own small contribution to maintaining the values of Jamhuri and changing the political landscape of Kenya by helping Africans assume their rightful place in the world.Both men chuckled as the Chief Inspector said this, making Harry sick with shame and forcing Kate to blush. Harry ran thru his options in his mind as he sat there. The worst thing was that they would be using her in THAT WAY.

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And that she worried how she would be able to endure it.t know what to do. Harry sat there feeling sick to his stomach not knowing if he should be watching or leaving as the black man groped his wife and soon, she was reacting.He, his Senior Sergeant Kamau and his crew, all of them from the Luo tribe, operated like a gang out of the Langata station and an industrial warehouse on Pate Road.

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